Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Corrupt Flash

Still not yet can mean flash is corrupt. So what to do with the title above -TuneUp Utilities-earlier? Hmmm .. identified approximately. This event causes apply it after the hunt was that Death Magnetic ... frustrating, though only five tracks, and even then lost in the delete trigger...

Here's the first, just delete the files in they will appear again at the Hard Disc.. TuneUp Utilities was using it... Actually aja smooth return process those files, but do not know what happened there which resulted in hangs, oddly enough it lasted very long time.. without thinking, because bete hit, sweat pouring back bla bla bla.. cut the process off. As a result ... Windows write protection million times came crashing... so short.

Arrrrgggghhh ... which obviously is still in critical times and yet comfortable Nonami Takizawa
at her home :p..